ketab hedayat

By: mohamad ali behabadi

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National Quranic, Islamic Siences and Internet Network

National Quranic, Islamic Siences and Internet Network

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chapters of book

Comprehensive familiarity with the Quran (1)

1-The names and attributes 2-Language, dialogs and scripts3- Descent and recess4- Dignity of the descent5- Scribes6- Collection7- Grammar8- Translation, interpretation and paraphrase

9- Objectives and guideline10- Rightness and wrongness11- Conventions of reading

Issues of form and style (parts of Quran) (2)

Part 1

Scripture, Verse, Word, Letter, Genuflection and signs

Issues of form and style (literature and art of Quran) (3)

Part 2

Miracles, Predictions, Wonders, Complicated form, expressions, Comparisons, Sections, Oaths, Prays, Definitions and root of terms, and many more (Mathematical structure of Quran).

Content issues of Quran (First principal “God”) (4)

God (Gnostic), Proof of creator, Name and attributes of God, Grand Name, Sacred Plaque and precognition.

Second Principal (Existence and Creation) Four realms of theology, Angels and jinni. (5)

Creation of unbound universe (Jabaroot), Sample universe (Malakoot), Creation of materialized universe (Nasoot), Four realms, Signs of resurrection, Heaven and Hell, Evidence of existence of soul, subject of Angels, Number of Creation and Death, Creation of Jinni.

Third principal, Creation of Human (Prophets, theological religions, philosophical and Mystical religions. (6)

Creation of human and reason for it, Name of prophets in Quran, Miracles and books of prophets, theological religions and table of their religions, (Islamic empire and caliphs, History of philosophy and Mysticism, none theological religions and table of philosophical and Mystical religions.

Story of prophets and family tree of them (7)

Legend of imams and their family tree (

Imam and his specification, their legend in brief, good bye Hajj, Peace agreement of imam Hassan, the followers of imam Hussein, their family tree.

Content issues of Quran (part 2) Ethics in Quran (9)

Basics, the principles and base of Ethics, morality in mind and act.

Content issues of Quran (part 3) Commandments in Quran (10)

Worship, Trading, Policies, Extirpate and archaic, Lawful and unlawful.

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مسايل محتوائي بخش سوم (احكام درقران)(10)

عبادات-معاملات-احكام وسياسات -ناسخ ومنسوخ-واجبات وحرامها

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مسایل محتوایی قران بخش دوم-(اخلاق در قران)(9)

مقدمات-اصول ومباني اخلاق-اخلاق فكري وصفاتي وكرداري وجدول ان

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2-سرگذشت امامان وشجره نامه انان(8)

امام ومشخصات ان-سرگذشت امامان باختصار -حجه الوداع -صلحنامه امام حسن- ياران امام حسين-شجره نامه امامان

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